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We all have the capacity to increase our awareness for a new way of thinking, being and doing as we let go of what no longer serves us. The essence of this approach is acknowledging that we have a choice for awakening, reclaiming and restoring balance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

The desire for a deeper investigation into knowing what your life and soul is offering begins with clarity on what you desire, awakening within the transformation from an inner perspective and fully becoming empowered in life.

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My Endorsements

I had a session with Ginny about money blocks and it was great!  It was enlightening for the dots to finally connect about why I had certain habits and beliefs about money that haven’t served me well.  After the session I noticed a change in how I approached my finances within just one week.  Ginny was reassuring and patient during the session and I definitely recommend her!

Where do I even begin?! Ginny is SUCH a light. I feel so blessed to have done a session with Ginny. She knows exactly what to say and was the perfect guide. I often struggle with sharing personal/intimate information with any type of health practitioner/professional, but Ginny made me feel so incredibly comfortable, and I really felt as though I could open up to her. Her meditation was absolutely perfect, and I look forward to listening every night! Sending love!

Working with Ginny for me was truly life changing experience. I had bad eating habits, and in just one session, Ginny helped me to understand and empowered me, so now I have control over my everyday routine. Now it's easy, simple and I'm enjoying to take a good care for myself. Learning from her was amazingly inspirational. She is natural gifted person for helping others.

Ginny is both an incredibly warm and professional practitioner. You can really tell that she cares about and is committed to the well being of her clients. She gives herself fully to understanding the nature of what is going on in the background, and warmly guides you through it. Due to the work we have done together, I’m already experiencing a transformation due to her guidance and support, and the methods she employs I would highly recommend RTT, and Ginny as the practitioner. Thank you Ginny

I had an amazing transformative RTT session with Ginny where she took me through an incredible journey with such ease. She knew what she was doing and has an incredibly positive auras, I highly recommend her.

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